Delissa Syrimi - Hypnotherapist & Weight Loss Coach

Step into a world of transformation with me, your guide to a more fulfilling life....

Whether you are looking to overcome anxiety, conquer phobias or achieve your ideal weight, I have the tools to help you unlock your fullest potential.

Conquer Anxiety, Achieve Ideal Weight, and Overcome Phobias with Expert Guidance


Unleash your potential by addressing subconscious blocks. You will get rid of any limiting beliefs that hold your unwanted behaviors in place, and replace them with new empowering beliefs. You resolve core issues for lasting change.


Embodiment is about creating the vision of the life, health, and body, you want to experience, and teaching your body what it feels like to have it. We will be using effective, proven mind training techniques used by top performers around the world.


Healing is the process of letting go of the past, so you build your new life with a fresh perspective and a solid foundation.

My methods...

Release Anxiety and Conquer Fears

anxiety and phobia relief
anxiety and phobia relief

We will explore your anxiety or phobia triggers and and resolve it at its core. We will use personalized techniques to help you eliminate the problematic symptoms and boost your confidence.You'll experience more calmness, clarity, and improved sleep.

Weight Loss Coaching

three women taking photo near brown concrete brick wall
three women taking photo near brown concrete brick wall

Our program addresses emotional eating, overeating, and self-sabotage. Through the power of subconscious re-programming, including gastric band hypnosis if needed, we'll empower you to eat less, conquer cravings, and achieve sustainable weight loss. Let's embark on a journey to a confident, healthier you!

Ready to transform your relationship with food?

1:1 Coaching

One to one sessions available online or in-person

Free 20min Consultation


My heartfelt gratitude to Delissa Syrimi for her highly professional and emotional approach to inner balancing and healing.


You definitely helped me to break my chocolate addiction, that’s now over 12 months and no chocolate… You helped me at a low point in my life and I will always be grateful.

Happy clients



Delissa is an excellent therapist and uses a range of techniques to get to the main issue and then using her knowledge and intuition she can work with your sub conscious mind to help you get over whatever issues are holding you back. 5 star service

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